Chris Barkley – Executive Coaching

Teichert recently promoted a couple of our up and coming leaders to General Superintendents. I’ve gotten to know Eric through the work he’s done with Teichert, facilitating executive meetings, and I enjoy the way he relates leadership lessons from other fields, such as military history to the construction industry. The newly promoted leaders report directly to me, and based on Eric’s personality and experience with our company, I thought they would benefit from one on one executive coaching with him.

The structure of his coaching process has been beneficial. Our business ramps up in the summer, and when things are going crazy, our guys keep our field operations running smoothly. They tell me that using the Construction Leaders Dashboard framework that Eric introduced to them has been awesome because they’ve been able to put pen to paper, clarify their personal goals, and relate them to their leadership responsibilities and Teichert’s objectives. It’s helped to simplify their focus and anchor them back into what they’ve committed to accomplishing this season.

I like the 360 format that Eric uses. Instead of using a long computer-based survey, he calls the peers, direct reports, and bosses of the leaders he is working with, asks them a couple of pointed questions to get some actionable feedback. It’s much more useful than utilizing a software program, because he talks to each person, hears their voices, and identifies specific ways to improve a person’s performance.

Listening skills are vital to all people in leadership roles. Using this 360 approach, Eric confirmed the need for one of the leaders he is coaching to work on his listening skills. I’ve seen an improvement in his ability to listen, and this has helped him to build rapport and gain respect with craft employees on the job site, and executives within the company.

Eric and I have regular progress discussions. We compare notes on the development of my leaders, and he uses my feedback to tailor his approach in his coaching sessions.

Our guys are making good progress; I recommend Eric’s coaching to construction leaders and executives who fit with his style and approach, and who want to improve their leadership skills.

Chris Barkley – Executive Coaching

Director of Field Operations, Teichert Construction