Brett Mykrantz – Construction Business Coach Testimonial

Most consultants don’t have a clue
As a leader, responsible for a large general contracting firm, I’m approached occasionally by business consultants offering various solutions that they say will enhance the effectiveness of our leadership team.

The problem is that many of them don’t have an idea as to how a construction company operates, and the challenges we face.

Eric Knows What Makes a Construction Business Tick
Eric Anderton is different, he is unique because of his focus on the construction industry. He understands and appreciates the business of construction firms.

He understands how the human mind works, how people work, and how the structure of a business operation can be created and improved.

He knows what makes a construction business tick and how construction professionals work, and the ideas that he shares are realistic to business and our people.

Eric’s Makes the Complex Simple So We Can Lead More Effectively
He has helped us by logically breaking down complex leadership concepts into small components so we understand how to be more effective.

As a result of working with Eric, our teams are more focused on the aspects of leadership that have the biggest positive impact on the people and projects they are responsible for.

Help with Communication, Conflict, Accountability
Eric has also helped us with our communication. Specifically, being okay with constructive conflict And helping us understand how to consistently hold ourselves and others accountable.

Our projects are Successful, On Time, and On Budget
The outcome has helped our leadership team improve management of projects and assure that our projects are successful, on time and on budget.

Eric is good at what he does and I value his help.
Eric brings high energy and passion to his workshops. It’s been rewarding to have members of our leadership team come to me unsolicited, to say that they gained great value and enjoyed his workshops.

If you are a construction contractor and need help developing your leadership team, I highly recommend working with Eric.

Brett Mykrantz Deacon

Brett Mykrantz – Construction Business Coach Testimonial

Vice-President, Deacon Corp.