Brandon Vernon – General Superintendent Teichert Construction


When I moved up into a position with greater responsibilities, my organization encouraged me to take advantage of leadership or professional coaching opportunities, a resource I’d long wanted to explore.

I’ve benefited tremendously from our regular calls. Being able to discuss my work and the organization with someone who is impartial, yet thoroughly experienced with the construction industry, always gains me clarity on existing issues, and practical courses of action to address them. I feel free to discuss specific issues regarding specific personalities, if needed, and you give me an unbiased perspective to consider, and often confirm that what I’m thinking or considering is valid and useful.

The tools you’ve given me, like the assessment and leadership dashboards, are great resources that have helped guide my thought process when addressing various workplace priorities and concerns. I don’t have a lot of time to waste, and these tools provide effective and user-friendly frameworks for understanding, formatting and presenting to others.

Your particular kind of diverse experience is another valuable and unique resource, since many in the industry work for the same organizations for decades, and can get stuck in ineffective habits or processes. You’ve worked closely with many different people in many different organizations over the years, and offer fresh ideas or processes that have driven results elsewhere, and tailor them for my own organization.

You are an attentive listener, full of helpful insights, and bring a consistently positive attitude to our interactions. I highly recommend your services to others. Working together over the last few months has made a huge impact on my professional development.

Brandon Vernon – General Superintendent Teichert Construction

General Superintendent,