Bill Schultz

Dear Eric,

Three issues would have stopped me from working with an executive coach: Time, money, and most importantly, a personal fit between the coach and me. None of these things was an issue when working with you.

I saw tremendous value through listening to the Construction Genius podcast episodes.

They are produced with clarity; they are educational and drew me in to learn more.  You had a depth of knowledge that wasn’t just in one particular aspect of construction. You’re multi-versed in so many different things that I thought, “this unique situation and unique guy. He’s got a broad knowledge base, and he’s open to learning new things himself,” and I thought that that would be good for me to tap into.

I knew right away that you and I would work well together.

I could tell by how you communicated that I was going to communicate freely and productively with you. Because of your experience in the construction industry and business savvy, we are immediately in sync when you and I meet. We can move quickly to uncovering and discussing the real issues I face.

During our coaching sessions, I can raise issues, which I may keep bottled up inside me because I don’t have anybody else to talk to at my level to get them out. I can get them out on the table with you, and I come away from each session with specific actions to improve the way I lead or how I manage. You are chock-full of business management knowledge from succession, new technologies, time management, business development, and team building.

I have developed specific new ways to improve my performance as a leader in my business.

I like that I learned to improve my time management skills dramatically, which has had an extremely positive impact on my performance in my company.  I have made 56 job site visits to my jobs as of August 6th, this year versus maybe ten visits during the last year I was active.

I also like the ProfileXT assessment tool that you’ve introduced that focuses on people’s learning and behavioral styles. I’ve used it to manage my employees, and I like creating a profile for specific positions in my organization. I use these profiles to help with hiring. I learn how candidates think and act, allowing me to align them with the roles I am looking to fill.

I didn’t know you offered executive coaching until I booked an appointment through an email you sent out. I think you should advertise your executive coaching services more specifically.

I absolutely recommend your executive coaching.

Bill Schultz

President, W.M. Schultz Construction, Inc.