I am constantly looking for ways to increase my impact and effectiveness as a leader.

I’ve been impressed with Eric’s podcast and our other interactions.  This course caught my attention as it was applicable to the current work from home environment.   Specifically, I was hoping to learn how to get the most out of our people and keep them motivated while working remotely.

Prior to the course, my approach to leadership lacked focus. I have been constantly jumping to the area of greatest perceived need.

There is always room to grow as a leader, and often, all it takes is being reminded of the basics and resetting your frame of mind. The topics discussed were simple, easy to grasp, and almost automatically relatable to apply to an issue or area of improvement.

It was encouraging to see that we are not alone in experiencing some challenges within our organization.

The course is taught in a collaborative environment.  Willingness to share and engage is required.  I learned that leaders of other organizations are experiencing similar issues. The group was supportive, and it led to some good conversations.  The more you set aside distractions during the course, the more you’ll get out of it.

This was one of the best run courses I’ve taken.

The course participants included company Presidents, to Assistant PM’s.  I was impressed at how this course is applicable to people at every level of every company. The topics covered in how to effectively lead teams is applicable in many various forms.

The content was good, the homework was helpful.  The topics were simple and broad enough, that everyone could think of a scenario where they could implement the tools/approaches discussed. The breakout rooms were useful. I think the principles/message from each session were simple, and often people just need to be reminded or re-focused on these things.  I really enjoyed the course.

Eric did a great job of getting people engaged, creating interaction, and keeping our focus.

We have all sat through webinars where the presenter speaks AT you for hours at a time. This course is different. Eric’s presentation style and the way the course is structured requires engagement and participation. He is a great communicator.  His energy and teaching style fosters engagement and participation from everyone in the group. I was really impressed with that. I’m still working on how to recreate that in my PM/PE meetings. I also appreciated how available Eric made himself. He did a great job of sparking ideas and his feedback on the homework was excellent and beneficial.

How I’ve used what I learned.

In my role, I’m asked to stay on top of many different aspects of the company to keep things moving in the right direction.  When we discussed the High-Performance Framework, and I had a hard time identifying my top three (only three) outcomes that I am expected to achieve, I had an ah-ha moment.  It became clear to me that I needed to take a step back before I could take a step forward.

In my 1:1 meetings with PM’s I use the conversational principles that were taught in the course, specifically to interrogate reality, ask one more question, and embrace silence.  I am having more meaningful interactions that should help me perform my job better.

I feel energized to focus my leadership on areas where my effort will make the greatest impact. 

This course and Eric’s leadership during the course helped me take a step back and find simple and effective ways to approach my job and problems that arise.  I feel equipped to make sure our solutions to problems are specific and get them into action.  And I feel ready to encourage our people to help them reach their potential.

Whether you are leading a team of one or an entire company, this course would benefit anyone who is looking for ways to improve as a leader.

Project Executive, Foushee