Bill Schultz

I am striving for improvement in my communication and leadership skills
I began listening to Construction Genius podcasts in 2019. I liked the content, the conversations, and the pace of the podcasts. I attended a short one session preview webinar and acted on the offer to participate in the Leadership Course. All three of those things: my desire to improve, listening to the podcast, and attending the preview webinar caused me to choose to participate in this course.

Prior to the course I treated leadership as a natural instinct; doing what I thought was the right thing to do each day.
I established company vision and I would lead by that vision. I would take on more and more work until I was overloaded. Then I’d delegate work to others by assignment based on capacity and capability yet without clarity in what I was delegating. People would fumble and I would tell them to work harder to push through the challenges.

During the course I felt invigorated, challenged, and happy.
I was learning new tools for leadership and I viewed the new tools as gifts to increase my ability to help others to find more satisfaction in their jobs and to become more effective in my role at work and improve my personal relationships through improved communication skills (especially active listening).

The teaching is interactive, interesting, and fast moving.
Everybody gets a chance to participate during class if they want to. Eric is quick witted. He’s conversational with his participants during class in contrast to telling us about the topics. He’s always available for help after class via email and is timely in responses.

It was like a really well-done documentary that I wanted to binge watch.
This course is chock full of 5 excellent foundational tools to improve leadership skills in anyone who actively participates. The sessions were fast moving and clear, and kept my attention. There was nothing boring about this class, there were no sleepy moments. The material we covered was beneficial to me in my leadership role at my company and I didn’t want to miss anything.

The use of break-out rooms was unique for a training course.
The break-out rooms kept me on my toes, ready to engage with my peers on the topics we would cover. That kept the course lively because we were often discussing new leadership tools, we learned just minutes prior during class.

Interacting with the other participants, I learned that we all have challenges in leadership.
We were a mix of various stages in our careers. From assistant PMs to company presidents, we all have challenges. The company presidents in my break-out groups were transparent in sharing their weaknesses which made it easier for people in earlier career stages to also open up. The younger people in the sessions have taken away some excellent leadership foundational tools that were not in my tool box during my early career and I’m thankful they have that benefit.

What’s unique about this leadership course is that it is effective, hands-on, practical, and simple.
Most leadership courses have made me feel good right after the course yet the “feel good” doesn’t help me become more effective at leadership I walked away from this course with many new leadership tools that I am already putting to use. I shared tools with members of my leadership team and they’ve already used those tools.

I’ve used my new tools every day.
One of the tools I learned was the High-Performance Framework. I used it in a meeting to discuss a bottleneck in our company. The bottleneck was caused because an executive had a time management issue. I was able to work through this bottleneck in 20 minutes with a clear focused action plan to address it. I felt empowered to have gained this amazing skill which enabled our company to forge ahead on a pathway of growth (by busting through the bottleneck) rather than wondering how we will achieve growth.

I’ve opened myself up to other people’s perspectives on important issues in our company.
I’m using the Beachball Perspective to consider that everyone in our business has a different reality of what the “truth” is. I used the Beachball Perspective in our annual off-site strategic planning meetings. In the past we’ve taken 2 days to meet off-site to discuss important business planning. I came prepared with a business plan and annual company goals which I pronounced to the team and to the company. Amazingly, in a short time with Eric Anderton in his leadership course, I’ve learned that there’s so much more traction when the entire leadership team participates in creating our business plan and company goals.

My entire team is now in sync like never before.
This year our annual off-site meeting took 3 full days instead of 2 days. The extra day was spent working through plans and goals together as a team. We are so much more effective as a team working together to execute a shared vision than a team executing a plan they did not create together.

Eric has created a super effective method to teach leadership skills.
When participating in the course complete all the assigned reading, listen to all the assigned podcasts, and watch the assigned YouTube seminar. Thorough preparation prior to class enables a higher level of active listening as well as being able to move with ease into the break-out rooms to work on topics discussed during class.

I feel fulfilled, satisfied, proud.
This course elevated my personal leadership skills to a higher level than I was at prior to the course. Personally, I have become a higher-level active listener with my wife, friends, and family.
I believe this training will have endurance in my career and my business.

My expectations for this course were exceeded.
I have learned new tools for effective leadership and I am confident I will make a positive difference in my company’s leadership culture.

Bill Schultz

President, W.M. Schultz Construction, Inc.