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I took over the company that my partner and I had run for 20 years. Our new H.R. director and I discussed priorities and we agreed that change was necessary. Then it was a matter of executing a plan.

I knew couldn’t do it on my own, but I had to overcome some fear of change by key employees. I didn’t want to come in after a long partnership and be regarded as a dictator. I wanted more of a structured collaboration.

Your years of experience with other construction companies contributes to your extensive knowledge, and alleviated any concerns I had at the beginning. We have a wide range of employee types in my company, blue collar to white collar, with varying levels in education. You worked terrifically with all of them, as you understood that different people have different motivators.

You get to the core of issues quickly. You don’t waste a lot of time with evaluation, and you move toward a solution. You created a succinct and organized plan that could get us to that solution.

After working with you, I noticed that key individuals in the company were reinvigorated and motivated. They could see that positive change was possible, and they accepted that goal and began working towards it.

One of the benefits of your services is that key employees in my company began to initiate their own critical thinking. They could look inside, recognize any deficiencies, and make changes that would benefit both themselves and the company. They were reenergized and no longer stagnant in their positions, and ultimately that change translated to the company’s overall success.

I would definitely recommend your services to others – you’re personable and you get to the point. You’re empathetic but you don’t waver in your convictions. Your approach worked so well for my employees and the company.

Rich Cody

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Rich Cody – Cody Brock Commercial Builders

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