Raul Ortiz – Construction Coaching Testimonial


I started looking for an executive coach such as yourself when I came into my current role as manager. I had never seen a coach like you before but was interested after hearing about the services. The only thing that would have prevented me from using your services was your availability.

You really helped me discover myself. I had never received feedback on my behavior styles and tendencies before, but you helped me dive in and see myself from the outside. The PXT personality profiles were really helpful in discovering myself. I’ve never seen any kind of profile give so much detail into somebody’s identity. This shined a light on how others may perceive me, what I say, the things I do and how I behave in certain settings.

You are very straightforward and don’t beat around the bush. You see something that needs to be developed further and you push us to a place that ends up benefitting me and allows me to understand my behavior. I appreciate your flexibility and willingness to meet often. Since we do these meetings over the phone we don’t have to worry about setting a time and place to meet physically, which is a huge benefit to me.

I would recommend your services to the right people. Your straightforward attitude that I found so helpful, might be a bit much for those who are a bit more sensitive to this type of coaching. You may cater to that as well though, I’m not sure. I am very happy with the results I’ve seen so far and the progress we make every month. We’ve touched on different subjects you’ve really helped me navigate through some of the obstacles and challenges as circumstances change throughout the year.

Raul Ortiz – Construction Coaching Testimonial

, Teichert Construction