Mike Conaway

After having access to Eric’s podcast episodes, I thought that this course would benefit me specifically in communication.

I think generally my leadership was passive and moderately aggressive. I feel pretty good about knowing that organizing prior to a hard discussion will go a long way in being able to make those happen without hesitating.

I think it’s one of the first courses I’ve attended that solely focused on construction businesses, to me that’s unique compared to other courses I’ve taken. Most leadership forums and groups have a very blended makeup of professionals from bakers to makers and that blend sometimes creates time wasting.

I learned I’m not the only one.

Working with construction pros from other companies helped me recognized see how others are leading in their organizations compared to mine and that they all experienced much of the same difficult conversation in their roles.

The biggest benefit of the course is learning to prepare for challenging conversations in advance. Using the tools and format from Eric is helps a lot. I executed a difficult discussion with 2 of my employees relating to how they communicate with each other. That experience was very supportive of understanding that I have to lead when needed. My conversations have been much more confident from my perspective and I’ve made the choice to prepare and not hesitate to lead people.

The teaching in this course is very direct and is taught as a cooperative leadership learning environment with everyone participating.

This was the first ever virtual training that I’ve taken, I would say it was unusual at first but after 2020 it will probably be more than usual forever. Eric is an enthusiastic and dedicated teacher. I believe that he genuinely cares about the results people achieve in working with him.  His approach helped me realize that as a leader I have to be prepared and on my game.

Eric’s course was great.

It was helpful for me in recognizing the need to break free from the weeds and work on focus on leadership more often rather than always being on that treadmill missing opportunities to develop more abilities.

I think my hardest moments were staying completely engaged and not being distracted by the day’s events. I’m not sure I’ve overcome that as a leader yet I’m certainly aware of and recognize the need to work on taking the time to focus on myself. I think my best experience was when I prepared my Leadership Dashboard. It helped me realize that my position today requires me to focus on my personal career growth.

I recommend taking this course because Eric’s format allows for any level of construction leadership person to engage.

The experienced are able to learned from the inexperienced and the inexperienced are able to interact and learn from people that have been in the industry.

Drop the Mask, Ditch the Dude and Kill the Bear!!!!!

Mike Conaway

Vice President, W.M. Schultz Construction