Michael Heffernan

Two obstacles would have prevented me from engaging in coaching with Eric.

The first was time and whether I would have the bandwidth to commit the time required to reap the benefits from the coaching advice that Eric offers. The second was the cost. I initially was unsure what the value would be, whether the investment of time and money would pay off, and would my employer consider reimbursing me for the expense associated with my professional development.

Through working with Eric, these barriers proved not to be issues.

The value provided is clear, quantifiable, and worth the investment of both time and money. Eric has an engaging, interactive approach and allows you to put the lessons learned into application immediately after each session with him. He has a flexible schedule, works to accommodate your availability, and runs meetings with the understanding that you are both investing valuable time that is not to be wasted.

Eric’s coaching platform is slick.

You can meet pretty much from any location that your busy schedule may take you. He is well versed technologically and when discussing a specific topic, Eric can pivot, share his screen and show you illustrations and tools that you can then download from his platform to use immediately after your coaching session.

Effective communication is a crucial correlator to success.

Eric has a lot of tips and advice around effective communication with clients, colleagues, and centers of influence. He has been instrumental in teaching me the art of brevity: learning how to say what you are trying to say in a way that to the point, concise and clear.

Learning is something we all need to be doing all the time.

Eric is a teacher and has many insights that prove valuable to my personal and professional development. He is approachable, easy to communicate with, and a strong listener and advocate. In addition, he has an extensive network and looks for ways to help you gain access to others who may be in a position to help you grow.

The learning that comes from this platform is well worth the invested time and money.

Eric has created a process where I look forward to our scheduled time together and know that each session will be time well spent. He always provides me with valuable lessons that I can apply in my daily interactions with the people I work with.

professionals. You need to be willing to invest the time and make the lessons learned a part of your daily life. If being better in all facets of life is a goal of yours, then I would recommend this coaching platform.

Michael Heffernan

Michael Heffernan

Executive Vice President, Alliant Construction Services Group