Lee Rabe – Executive Coaching Testimonial


As an alpha male in the construction industry, it’s difficult to ask for help. You think you just have to stand on your own two feet and have broad shoulders and pull it all together. Deciding to use your service was a big decision for me, and seeing your past success helped me make that decision.

I got to know you through your LinkedIn profile and posts and the customers and businesses on there were respected in the industry, and I respected you through them. Seeing that your customers were happy with you made me feel comfortable about both the financial side and about taking a leap of faith to work with you. Also, just seeing that other people go through the same things that I have and being able to admit that I have problems that I need to deal with.

Aside from admitting that I needed help, I was originally worried about the value of your service. When you engage somebody unknown, you always question the value you’ll get out of it. I didn’t know you before we started, and that held me back from wanting to work with you, just not knowing you or the value of your services.

Currently, thanks to you, Telesis’ bottom line is definitely growing, which is a huge, huge thing, and we’re being more efficient. I’m holding my own guys more accountable for what they do and having them take it to heart, which is the core of our business, loving what we do. Also, I’ve been getting them to see that, day in and day out it’s a job, but one you can look back on and take pride in. Getting the guys to have that kind of pride is a lot of what you’ve brought to the table for us.

In the beginning it was easy to work with you. There was a comfortable situation, I wasn’t being pressured into anything. You made me feel like I just needed help, not that I wasn’t able to be helped. As time grew, you taught me how to ask the right questions and face facts that were tough to swallow. Thanks to you, I learned to be accountable for my time, which was huge. Being able to see where my day was going and learning how to delegate tasks to other people freed me up for the things I needed to do.

I liked working with you because you gave me the answers and made everything clear. In the construction industry, many of us know that we need to do something, but until somebody is holding us accountable, we don’t actually make it happen. You made me realize I had to be accountable to myself.

I would absolutely recommend your services. I was well worth the money, and I don’t mean to bring up just the money side of things, but it really feels like it was worth the money. It’s also relatively easy if you want to learn, you don’t make it difficult for anybody. I can go as far with you as I want to, and it would be foolish to not want to embrace it and build off it.

Lee Rabe Telesis Construction

Lee Rabe – Executive Coaching Testimonial

President, Telesis Construction