Ed Herrnberger – Facilitating Meetings Testimonial


There’s a lot of options out there for leadership coaching and people development. Aside from cost, I would have been hesitant to work with you if I didn’t understand the knowledge and skill you have working with construction companies.

You’ve helped us get organized, targeted and focused, and I’ve learned a lot from you about how to conduct meetings. When it comes to facilitating meetings, you’re probably the best I’ve ever seen.

Your services benefited me by helping the team narrow it down to specific things to work on in a manner that we could measure. It also helped motivate the leadership. Another benefit I’ve noticed is the way it’s helping the team become focused and motivated to take on a task or a challenge.

From a leadership standpoint, I liked you approach. I like some of the ice breakers that you’ve introduced and I really think that you get to team working and focused. I thought the ProfileXT was a really interesting sort of leadership report. I thought it tied in better with construction than any of the other assessments I’ve taken. It’s helped us build on people’s skills from an analytical, leadership, and communication standpoint.

You have a unique background. You have experience in countries aside from the U.S. and that brings a worldly perspective to things. It provides a different way of thinking about construction. Working with you taught me to how to lead by example, set my priorities, and dictate my time. Life is multi-dimensional, and it’s easy to do just a little bit everywhere and not get anywhere. You taught me that if you can pick 3 areas for yourself to focus on, then you can really make progress.

I feel that you’ve brought value to our organization and that you’ve been a good investment. I like the take charge mentality that you encourage us to adopt, and the Rally Cries that we identified in our meetings, and still use to this day. I’m also getting a lot from the public training webinars that you conduct which are interesting and very topical for my business.
I have personally felt that in the work that we’ve done is a good investment. So, I would definitely recommend your services.

Ed Herrnberger Teichert

Ed Herrnberger – Facilitating Meetings Testimonial

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