Drew Sense


When I started searching for an executive coach, I needed to find the right fit—someone who would take a genuine and personal interest in me and my goals, and engage with me in a process that felt authentic and custom-made for my company.

If I had to choose one word to describe the benefits I’ve reaped from our work together, it would be “clarity.” Not only have I seen and understood existing situations in a more revealing light, but you have illuminated areas and situations that I wasn’t even aware of.

You’ve helped me identify and address blind spots.

I especially appreciate the specific, practical steps and actions you suggest that I’ve used to resolve any problems or issues I’m facing with the company. The tools you provided helped me address and improve the delicate process of measuring performance and holding my team accountable for their work, which has only improved our results.

Your background and extensive experience in the construction industry make you a trusted consultant and sounding board. We speak the same language, which means we can cover a lot of ground in one short hour every week, and with my leadership responsibilities, time is crucial to me.

I value our working partnership and recommend your services to anyone wanting smart, informed, and intelligent coaching insights that deliver results.

Drew Sense

Drew Sense

Vice President, Deacon Construction, LLC.