Deane Surface

My primary reason for taking the course was based on a recommendation from Kurt, our company President. He wants to invest in new leaders to the company, help us grow, and create a baseline to build on for future leadership.

This was a tough course, with no easy sessions.

I was challenged in each session to think deeply about responses and challenged to change and confront areas of weakness as needed.

During the course I felt excited to have a chance to grow, I felt challenged to confront some of my shortcomings, formulate a plan to deal with them.

It has enhanced my approach and heightened my senses to be more aware of myself and others I interact with.

I thoroughly enjoyed the sessions. I love working at leadership, getting better. I enjoyed the breakouts (because I secretly hate small groups, it forced me to come out of my shell). 7 am was a hard start time for me.

I liked not being in the same group as other people from my company and interacting with people from other niches of the industry.

I learned from other participants that we all share similar issues, they are common across the industry. No one is immune to it. It allowed me to let my guard down and share more openly without concern for fallout from comments being shared with others in the company.

If I was describing the course to a newcomer, I would tell them the course is tough so get ready, it is interactive so there are no free classes, open and honest evaluation so be vulnerable, drop the mask, ditch the dude.

As a teacher, Eric is interactive, relational, relevant, challenging, consistent, and does not play favorites.

He challenges everyone with the same level of transparency. He assigns thought-provoking and challenging homework assignments. He flat out challenged people to be transparent and that is one of the biggest hindrances to growth and success for people, they hide, not real with themselves or others.

The big benefits I take from this course would be the deep self-analysis about issues that not only affect me personally but manifest in my relationships at work.

I was challenged to take on tough conversations and face the topics we spend the most time avoiding.

The Construction Leaders Dashboard tool is unique helps give perspective and tools for the future. that I can use it, share it, and I can use it to monitor the progress of others.

Based on what I learned I had a tough conversation with employees I am responsible for mentoring. I shared some key points from classes and challenge them similarly as I have been challenged. How to have difficult conversations is an area most avoid, better skill in this area will benefit for a lifetime.

I would advise future participants to block out all distractions, you really can’t complete this course and get anything out of it if you don’t have total commitment and focus. Relax, be honest with yourself, and be ready to get a real dose of reality. Set aside 2-3 hours per week including class time. Participate, come out of your shell, and ditch the dude!

Eric has helped me be honest in my evaluation of my future goals.

I appreciate his friendship and willingness to be available before, during, and after the course is complete, it’s not just limited to our time during the course.

I recommend this course because I personally felt challenged to grow and improve as a person and a leader.

No fluff, no games, no magic beans, just good old-fashioned hard work required, who doesn’t like that?

Deane Surface

Director of Preconstruction, Hilbers, Inc.