Bill Cantrell

Dear Eric,

I took this course so I could more effectively communicate in my day-to-day professional activities.

Before taking this course, I had a habit of not being tactful with my approach.

My reason is typically just, but my approach would kill the effectiveness before I could even get to the point, and would lose my audience early.

This course provides excellent guidance on improving communications personally and professionally by really getting you to think on the materials presented.

During the course, I felt motivated and anxious for the next session. Your approachable and high-energy personality keeps the attendees engaged and wanting more. The way the course is structured is very interactive, engaging all in what is being taught. I was satisfied with the webinar structure and interaction keeping all attendees engaged by the types of activities done in the breakout rooms and the main room. You have a way of making the students, the teacher. I like it!

I think it is awesome to get other people of the same industry facing the same daily issues in the same room.

There is so much that you can learn from others in how they handle opportunities within their organization.

I like the remote capabilities being that it is done through Zoom. I was able to attend from my office, home, and even hotel room a few times. The toughest part of the course was opening up to the other attendees. The personal “crack the shell” questions and sharing that we had to do helps people like me who can be somewhat socially awkward at first contact.

The tools provided in the course are already helping amazingly.

I am seeing more productive communications out of me and my team because of better approach tactics.  I am using this training to improve the way I communicate, starting with a better approach. Ask, don’t tell.

Personally, you made me do what most of us men like doing least in our relationships… Apologize to my wife, Lol. In one of the sessions, something clicked in my mind because it was describing a personal situation that I was going through at that exact moment. I know I wasn’t supposed to, but I grabbed my phone right away and texted my wife saying “Well, I have been guilted by Eric Anderton to apologize to you. You are right, I need to stop and just listen more”. She responded by saying “I have no idea what you are talking about, but you need to spend more time with this Eric guy”! Lol Didn’t know that I was getting into marriage counseling Lol.

I recommend this course because your way of instructing really gets you to think of where you can improve your team and yourself, providing excellent guidance on effective communications.

Bill Cantrell

General Superintendent, Hilbers, Inc.