The Natural Progression of Marketing | Ep. 137

The Natural Progression of Marketing

Every one of your clients started out as a stranger to you. Good Marketing is how you turn strangers into friends, clients, and evangelists for your company. 

Wayne Mullins, Founder and CEO of Ugly Mug Marketing, is back to share with us his approach towards The Natural Progression of Marketing. He shares that by having the right intentions and setting clear expectations you can use Marketing to turn strangers into friends, clients, and evangelists. 

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Discussion Points:

0:00 Introduction

2:07 Why Marketing Doesn’t Work

5:45 The Natural Progression of Marketing

7:43 Identifying Strangers

8:54 Strangers to Friends

11:54 Assigning Marketing Pieces to Components

17:13 Setting Expectations

21:56 Exceeding Expectations

About the Guest: 

Wayne Mullins, Founder & CEO of Ugly Mug Marketing has scaled multiple companies & helped hundreds of entrepreneurs do the same with their companies for the past 20 years. He’s worked with and inspired clients from 100 industries and has directly influenced 100K entrepreneurs. 

Through his books and training programs, Wayne influences 250K entrepreneurs annually.  Ugly Mug Marketing has won the praises of some of the leading influencers in the business world, such as, Chris Voss (New York Times Best Selling Author of Never Split the Difference), Neil Patel (Founder of QuickSprout & Kissmetrics), and Ari Weinzweig (Co-Founder of Zingerman’s).

 Much of Wayne’s success comes from thinking differently and outside the box. He’s learned a lot along the way and is honored to have the opportunity to share those experiences with others in hopes that it will help and encourage them in their journey.


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