• Everyone Hates Attending Unproductive Meetings In case you need some convincing check out these statistics from TED.com:  
  • • 25% of meetings are spent discussing irrelevant issues. • 50% of people find meetings to be unproductive. • 73% of employees do other work in meetings. • 90% of people daydream in meetings. • 100% of employees play Candy Crush, Facebooking with friends, or text their kids during meetings. (That last bullet was a joke, but you get the idea)  
  • A Million Dollar Problem Executives average 23 hours a week in meetings. 7.8 hours of that time is spent in unnecessary or poorly run meetings.  
  • That adds up to a waste of over 2 months a year, per executive. 
  • Do the math. If you’re paying a group of 5 executives an annual average of $100,000, that’s adds up to $83,333 of wasted salary per year. Hopefully you are paying yourself more than that. If you’re making $250,000, wasted meeting time costs you $41,666 per year
  • Project those numbers over ten years, and you can see how your badly run meetings can cost you millions of dollars in salary alone.  
  • What Is the Root Cause of Bad Meetings? 75% of people have no received no formal training on how to conduct a meeting, so most people have no clue about how to run a well-structured meeting. 
  • They don’t know how to begin the meeting with a bang so that participants are engaged, how to tap in to the best thinking of the attendees during the meeting, or how to drive towards a conclusion in a timely manner.  

  • Thankfully There’s a Simple Solution 
  • Kick-Ass Meetings is a straightforward, three-step process that will help you address these specific issues and empower you to run meetings that people will look forward to attending. 
  • Using The Kick-Ass Meetings framework, you’ll be able to present a problem to your team members, and lead them through brainstorming, prioritization, and action planning. 
  • The framework provides enough structure to keep your meetings on track and on time, without the stifling rigidity of traditional agenda-driven formats. 
  • In less than 57 minutes, you’ll generate a clear, three-part, one-page action plan that you’ll use to hold people accountable. 
  • You’ll be able to instill in your business a problem-solving, action-orientated bias that will enable you to drive success and profit.

What You'll Learn Inside

  • How to identify the source of your business problems using the "4P Formula"
  • How to avoid wasting time during a meeting, by using a three part checklist before the meeting starts
  • 4 secrets expert facilitators use to run great meetings
  • The three-step Kick-Ass Meetings process: Idea Generation, Prioritizaton, Action Planning
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What others say about Eric Anderton and Kick-Ass Meetings:

“From the first meeting in our office, you begin adding value immediately. The process you took us through in that one meeting resulted in well over $50,000 in new business as a result of the focused action plan we developed together.” Bryan Merica, Partner, IDMLOCO 


“You bring something very special to the table: arms-length perspective, pinpoint focus, and an actionable plan to immediately move the needle. Your ability to sort through a myriad of data to identify key success nodes is impressive.” Matt Wozniak, President & CEO, National Shopping Service  


The most beneficial thing I found in working with you was your simple and effective meeting process. It can be used over, and over, and over without becoming tired and stale. It’s a good way to engage a team and have them take accountability and ownership over creating things that are going to propel the business forward.” Shone Freeman, President, SR Freeman 


“...the skills that you bring to the table as far as facilitating meetings are probably the best I’ve ever seen.” Ed Herrnberger, General Manager, Teichert Construction  

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