Interviews are essential to hiring the right construction executives for your company

Interviews are essential to hiring the right construction executives for your company

Don’t you wish you had a list of killer questions that would give you clear insight into the candidate’s experience and competency?

Here are 25 questions you have to ask:

1. Give me an example of when you had to explain complex construction plans to a client and make it easy for them to understand.

2. What’s a common cliche about communication that most people in the construction industry think is true but is dead wrong?

3. Give me an example of how you handle vendors who are not delivering on their promises.

4. How do you communicate with subcontractors who are making excuses and blaming you for their lack of performance?

5. How do you know people don’t understand you? What do you do about it?

6. How do you keep yourself calm and solution-focused when problems come up, and the pressure is on?

7. What’s your preferred method for addressing a conflict with an employee, project partner, or client?

8. How do you handle an employee who has done well in the past but has personal problems affecting their performance?

9. How do you make project updates exciting and informative for owners?

10. What ground rules do you have for the meetings you run with your direct reports?

11. What do you do when leading a meeting and two participants get into a shouting match about an issue on a project?

12. How do you mediate job site issues between the Project Manager and Foreman?

13. How do you stay professional when inspectors nit-pick one of your projects?

14. How do you communicate with architects and clients during the design phase when their plans, budget, and schedule expectations are out of whack?

15. What’s the best way to tell someone the hard truth and maintain a relationship?

16. How do you stay calm and handle an owner when they throw a fit on a change order?

17. How do you adapt yourself to communicate with and lead people from different generations?

18. What’s your favorite way to recognize a direct report when they’ve gone above and beyond?

19. Give me an example of when you thought you communicated clearly with a direct report, and then it became obvious that you didn’t. What did you do about it?

20. What’s your favorite method of holding people accountable when they haven’t met expectations?

21. Tell me about a time you brought people together from different backgrounds and cultures and molded them into an effective team.

22. Give me an example of how you connect with the crews in the field.

23. Can you give an example of a relationship that started rocky but improved over time? How did you navigate and overcome those initial challenges?

24. Tell me about a relationship you’ve developed with a client, from initial contact to building rapport to landing and delivering a project.

25. What’s one thing you do, every day, to manage your stress and keep your energy levels high?

What questions would you add?