How to Develop a Better Team by Adopting the “Middle Six” Strategy

How to Develop a Better Team by Adopting the Middle Six Strategy

If you are frustrated because your company is underperforming in the field and the office, you can’t walk in tomorrow and fire everyone.

You have signed contracts, and fixed overhead.

You have to show up every day and bid, plan and build the work.

But you should never settle, throw up your hands, start complaining about the lack of talent.

Your number one job, as a construction company owner, is overseeing the development of your employees.

To get this done, adopt the “Middle Six” approach to developing your team.

Here’s how it works:

Take a group of ten field employees. They breakdown into three groups:

  1. Superstars:

The top two will be super motivated.

They’ll take care of themselves, and don’t need hand holding.

They’re easy to lead.

  1. Middle Six:

This is made up of two sub-groups

Sub-Group 1: The next four, with the right encouragement, accountability and recognition will learn to perform up to their potential.

Sub-Group 2: The next two will be marginal.

They need constant attention to accomplish something of value to the team.

  1. Barrel Scrapers:

The bottom two will waste your time.

They should be gone within a week or two (at the most) of walking on the job site.

In an ideal world, your team would be made up of Superstars and Group 1 of the Middle Six.

But we don’t live in an ideal world.

So, focus on coaching and developing the Middle Six.

They are the ones who need and benefit from professional development and accountability.

What about the Superstars and Barrel Scrapers?

Keep the Superstars happy:

  • Create clear career paths.
  • Give them freedom to get shit done.
  • Compensate them generously.

Don’t allow the Barrel Scrapers to stick around. As soon as you can, move them on.

Commit to the Middle Six strategy and your company’s performance and profitability will improve.