Empower Your Newly-Promoted Project Executive: Tips for a Successful Transition

Empower Your Newly-Promoted Project Executive: Tips for a Successful Transition

You’ve just promoted a project manager to the role of a project executive. They are no longer responsible for building specific projects, they have to shift to building and leading a team of project managers.

Navigating the Player to Coach Transition: Guide Your Project Executive from Managing Projects to Leading Teams

As they transition into this new position, it’s important to provide them with guidance and support to help them shift from being a player to a coach. Here are some tips to share with your newly-promoted project executive to ensure their success:

  1. Embrace open-ended questions: Encourage them to ask open-ended questions that begin with who, what, where, when, or why. This will allow team members to think critically and come up with their own ideas, fostering ownership and accountability.
  2. Facilitate, don’t dictate: Remind them that their new role is to facilitate the team and empower team members to make decisions. Instead of being hands-on with every aspect of a project, their responsibility now lies in guiding and overseeing their team’s progress.
  3. Be patient and keep practicing: Acknowledge that transitioning from a project manager to a project executive takes time and practice. Encourage them to be patient with themselves and continually work on their leadership skills.
  4. Hold team members accountable: Emphasize the importance of holding team members accountable for their decisions and outcomes. This will not only help the project executive grow as a leader but will also strengthen the overall team dynamic.
  5. Offer ongoing support: Assure them that they have your support and can turn to you for advice or guidance. A strong support system will help them feel more comfortable and confident in their new role.
Boost Your Project Executive’s Success: Consider Expert Executive Coaching

Sharing these tips with your newly-promoted project executive will help them better understand their new role and guide them in making the transition from being a player to a coach. As they grow in their leadership abilities, they will become more effective in driving success for your construction company.

To further support the growth and development of your newly-promoted project executive, consider bringing in an outside executive coach.

I’ve worked with many leaders, helping them to successfully navigate this transition.

A Success Story: Alex Shares the Impact of Eric’s Coaching on His Leadership Journey

Here’s what Alex Salcido of Teichert Construction says about the work we did together:

“When coaching with Eric was brought to my attention, I was initially concerned about the compatibility of our personalities. However, I found that our differences actually provided me with valuable new perspectives and helped me overcome communication obstacles. Eric has helped me better understand myself, enabling me to be a more effective leader for my team.

The convenience of Zoom meetings and Eric’s availability for advice and guidance has been invaluable. His understanding of our industry, company, and culture has allowed him to address higher-level managerial issues effectively.

I highly recommend Eric’s coaching for new managers. He has helped me focus on the bigger picture and align my personal goals with the company’s objectives.”

Explore the Path to Success

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